Which mobile OS’s apps make most money? Surprise! It’s BlackBerry


BlackBerry(s rimm) development may be on steep decline, but the platform still remains a profitable one for the developers that have stuck with it. According to a new study from mobile analytics firm VisionMobile, the average monthly revenue from a BlackBerry app is $3,853, compared to $3,693 for iOS(s aapl) and $2,735 for Android(s goog).

Those figures are for the lower 95 percent of apps available in the market that have some kind of revenue model. In order to paint a more accurate picture of what a typical developer makes, VisionMobile lopped off the top 5 percent since those blockbuster apps would greatly skew the results.

But even among the ranks of uncelebrated developers, there’s still a lot of variation in revenues. VisionMobile estimates that more than half of all BlackBerry developers make less than $500 a month on their individual apps, compared to 34.7 percent of iOS developers —…

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